Painting Party

For my birth­day, I hosted a drink­able arts paint­ing party.


I’d gone to one at a cousin’s house before, and it was a lot of fun.


So I wanted to paint some more. When I was a kid, I loved paint­ing and draw­ing. I was never very good at it, but it was always fun. It’s been years since I’ve had the time to sit down and just play with paint, or pens, or any­thing. I used my birth­day as an excuse to do it again. I really did miss it.IMG_20140926_212641And this one, while being sim­ple, came out well. It was one of the pro­vided designs, the other two being ones I made up myself. I don’t drink wine, but I do drink dark fruit juice, and I think it’ll look nice in this glass. Once I bake it, that is.



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A good month

September 2014

I’ve done more writ­ing this month than I have all year, I think. I hadn’t writ­ten any­thing at all since about May. The begin­ning on the month was just typ­ing up what I’d writ­ten in may, then this past week I fin­ished the first draft. Vacation does wonders.

Now to type it all up. :/

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In which I say goodbye to my twenties

I’m not sure what I think about being 30. I still get most peo­ple who try to guess my age as being late teens/​early twen­ties. I don’t feel like an adult. I know that log­i­cally I’m an adult, I work hard, pay bills, my idea of a great night off from work is doing some­thing quiet at home; read­ing, writ­ing, play­ing Sims 4, or watch­ing TV/​Movies. A once in a while treat for a night out is see­ing a show at the local arts cen­ter. Our idea of a nice vaca­tion is going hik­ing and catch­ing up on housework.

Mostly I don’t look back too fondly on my twen­ties, and I’m not sure why. A lot of great stuff hap­pened in the last 10 years:

  • 20: Got pro­moted to assis­tant deli man­ager, real­ized: “hell, no”
  • 21: Got mar­ried, started college
  • 24: Brought home Max, the best cat ever
  • 25: Finished col­lege, started writ­ing a novel/​ thought of myself as a writer for the first time, got Mandy
  • 26: Started work­ing in my first library job, bought a house
  • 27: Started work­ing in my sec­ond library job, thus leav­ing the job that spurred me onto going to college
  • 28: Lost Max — still devastated
  • 29: Got Hinata, finally fin­ished the first draft of that novel … again.

Our gen­eral qual­ity of life is bet­ter than it was. Not great, but decent. We eat bet­ter food. We have a much big­ger liv­ing space, a more reli­able car. Cats.

I think that the twen­ties felt like a wait­ing period, that time had to pass so that the rest of life could begin. Or, maybe I’m just hop­ing every year that the next one will be better.

Still, there’s so much I’d like to do in my thirties:

  • Go to grad school for an MLIS
  • Finish a novel, or five
  • Get a full time job at one library (poten­tially keep­ing the other one on a smaller part time basis for a few years)
  • Pay off all that school­ing (hence the need for the part time job)
  • Start to ren­o­vate this ancient house (another use for that other job)
  • Get a dog
  • Kid(s)???? Really not sold on this last one yet.

My friends are all get­ting mar­ried, hav­ing kids, and slowly, slowly get­ting too busy to visit with. It’s not for lack of try­ing, but when you have to arrange things around gro­cery shop­ping, nap times, and all our insane work sched­ules, it’s just really hard. And none of us have the energy needed to plan some­thing out like that, and even when we do, it all comes down to last minute because of work, and other com­mit­ments com­ing up. That sta­ble 9 – 5 job that you can depend on the hours for is a myth.

I feel like I know who I am, and what I want to do. I’m on that path now, I’ve started walk­ing it, but it feels like such a long path that I’ll never get there. It still feels like more time has to pass before I’ll start liv­ing the life I want to have, as a pub­lished author and an actual librarian.

I feel opti­mistic about the future, in an ‘it has to get bet­ter, because it can’t get much worse’ way, but really, things aren’t that bad. There’s still a lot I want to do, but there’s a lot I’ve done already.

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