1850 House

Here’s me show­ing up. :D

We bought our house 3 years ago, because it was in a great loca­tion, and in our bud­get. That in itself was an achieve­ment. Most advice goes along the lines that loca­tion is every­thing, but they never really say what hap­pens when you buy a house for just that rea­son. And, really only that rea­son. We wanted out of our apart­ment, and this solved that with­out us hav­ing to go broke in the process.

Great, but what next?

Well, noth­ing. This is the house after our sign­ing, and it pretty much looks the same. The dif­fer­ence being that it’s now filled with all our stuff. All the plans I had made didn’t take into account reality.

Reality being that nei­ther of us know any­thing about remod­el­ing, or even repair­ing a 164 year old house, and we also don’t have the money or time to learn. So, there’s that.

I don’t see any of that chang­ing, either. Not until some­thing in the money and/​or time department.

But, loca­tion is every­thing. The hus­band can walk to work in 20 min­utes, and I can walk to one of my jobs in 5 min­utes. Main street and the very lit­tle it offers is also walk­ing dis­tance, so is a nice park and a brand new ele­men­tary school (for the far far future of us actu­ally hav­ing a kid).

So, I’m back to plan­ning. What can you do with no money, very lit­tle time, and a lot of stuff?

Enter Pinterest, stage left.

I cre­ated a new board tonight: Things to do: that I might ACTUALLY, you know, do.

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Showing up

I read an arti­cle in a mag­a­zine from the library, The Writer. Ordinarily I don’t make time for read­ing mag­a­zines. I rarely make time for any­thing aside from work­ing, sleep­ing and the most basic of chores around the house. However, in this case, I’m the one that told the library to sub­scribe to this par­tic­u­lar mag­a­zine, so I thought I should at least check it out and look through it a few times. It actu­ally has a decent num­ber of arti­cles that I read through, so I guess it wasn’t such a bad suggestion.

This arti­cle made a point that you see over and over again in the writ­ing world. It’s what I think of as the “butt in chair approach.” It does work. It’s how most peo­ple win when they attempt NaNoWriMo.

It’s exactly what I haven’t been doing, and that is exactly why I haven’t writ­ten any­thing at all in over a month.

I also tend to make grand plans while I’m at work, and my brain if tick­ing away, churn­ing over ideas. Some of the tasks I do at work don’t need all of my focus, like peel­ing stick­ers off books, or stamp­ing the same thing in the same place on a truck — or seven, of books, cross­ing off bar­codes, etc. These plans usu­ally have some merit to them, at least at the time I think so, and I write them down. If I’m lucky I remem­ber to take them out of my pants’ pock­ets before putting them through the wash, if I’m really lucky they make it through a wash cycle some­how intact, and they end up in the pile of such scraps of paper on my desk.

Every once in a while I clean off my desk. Sometimes I have no idea what the notes on those bits of paper meant. Sometimes I still think it’s a good idea, and I’ll file it away for later.

The most recent grand idea was to not just file it away, but to actu­ally act on some of them. Maybe it’ll spark some words for other projects, if I’m in the habit of using words again.

It’s too easy to come home from a 9, 10 or 11 hour day and just be pas­sive about enter­tain­ment; browse through tum­blr, twit­ter, face­book, insta­gram, pin­ter­est, snark, the quilt­ing bee, and maybe open up feedly to see who’s been post­ing — look at the 198 unread posts and close the browser with­out read­ing more than one or two. If I’ve done some of that through the course of the day on breaks at work, it won’t take long, so then while we eat din­ner, we’ll watch a show we’re work­ing through until we get tired and go to bed.

It makes for time just sim­ply pass­ing by, and noth­ing get­ting done. My grand idea is to start try­ing to get things done.

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I played with tigers

I’ve rewrit­ten an intro­duc­tion to this post a few times, but really, there’s no good way to say “here, look at my vaca­tion photos.”

I didn’t take any of these pho­tos (obvi­ously, I’m in them), and they’re the intel­lec­tual prop­erty of the TIGERS wildlife foundation.

But they’re too awe­some not to share. Last Tuesday we spent almost five hours at the Myrtle Beach Safari.

It was worth the 20 hours of dri­ving, and the expen­sive ticket prices. I got to play with baby tigers.

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