Almost September?!

This year has pos­i­tively flown by. I hon­estly can’t remem­ber most of what’s hap­pened this year. Winter was long. Summer was about 3 weeks. I worked a lot and didn’t get out of the house much except for 1 week for a vacation.

The vaca­tion was awesome.

With Sagriva
With Sagriva

But, too short.

I’ve read a few books, but not as many as I’d have liked. I haven’t really worked on my novel since, like, May. Almost 2 weeks ago I finally had the chance to type what I’d hand writ­ten. I’m almost to 50,000 words.

I’m just, stuck. And it’s been a busy sum­mer at work so I haven’t had the energy or con­cen­tra­tion to be able to puz­zle out a way to get unstuck.

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Organizing reading

I’ve had a sys­tem in place for keep­ing track of things that I want to read. Basically, I made a bunch of wish­lists on ama­zon with cat­e­gories. It’s worked for a while, but now that I’m start­ing to use my library more for try­ing out new types of books, it’s not work­ing as well. So, I’m try­ing goodreads, import­ing my ama­zon lists into the “to-​​read” shelf. Since my ama­zon lists don’t include books I already own, I’ll be adding my TBR book­shelf too.

I now have over 150 books on my ’”to-​​read” shelf, we’ll see how this works.

What sys­tem do you use?

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1850 House

Here’s me show­ing up. :D

We bought our house 3 years ago, because it was in a great loca­tion, and in our bud­get. That in itself was an achieve­ment. Most advice goes along the lines that loca­tion is every­thing, but they never really say what hap­pens when you buy a house for just that rea­son. And, really only that rea­son. We wanted out of our apart­ment, and this solved that with­out us hav­ing to go broke in the process.

Great, but what next?

Well, noth­ing. This is the house after our sign­ing, and it pretty much looks the same. The dif­fer­ence being that it’s now filled with all our stuff. All the plans I had made didn’t take into account reality.

Reality being that nei­ther of us know any­thing about remod­el­ing, or even repair­ing a 164 year old house, and we also don’t have the money or time to learn. So, there’s that.

I don’t see any of that chang­ing, either. Not until some­thing in the money and/​or time department.

But, loca­tion is every­thing. The hus­band can walk to work in 20 min­utes, and I can walk to one of my jobs in 5 min­utes. Main street and the very lit­tle it offers is also walk­ing dis­tance, so is a nice park and a brand new ele­men­tary school (for the far far future of us actu­ally hav­ing a kid).

So, I’m back to plan­ning. What can you do with no money, very lit­tle time, and a lot of stuff?

Enter Pinterest, stage left.

I cre­ated a new board tonight: Things to do: that I might ACTUALLY, you know, do.

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