My kitten is one!

(tomor­row, offi­cially) I can’t believe my baby is one already. She’s still so little.


Max was way big­ger at one year old than she is now. Mandy’s still big­ger than she is, and Mandy’s the small­est cat I’ve ever had. She’s a lot of fun though. She loves to play fetch with my hair ties. All the time. It’s not so much fun at 2am, but it is sorta cute that she brings them to me when she wants to play. Makes it eas­ier when she wants to play as I get ready for work, although, she doesn’t appre­ci­ate that I use the one she brings me for my hair. XD



This is shortly before we brought her home, she was so tiny. Hard to believe she was this lit­tle. The orange one may or may not be the one that my husband’s friend’s took home. He is huge, if it is. Their cat is eas­ily Max sized at that age. Maybe it’s an orange tabby thing?


This is how we picked her out from. Max had just passed away, so I thought it’d be to painful to have another orange cat. We already had Mandy who was a black cat, and I hadn’t had a grey one since I was a baby myself, so we picked grey. Turns out that she wasn’t grey, but the only cat to look like the Mom cat. Still beau­ti­ful col­or­ing though.


And silly.  <3

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Almost September?!

This year has pos­i­tively flown by. I hon­estly can’t remem­ber most of what’s hap­pened this year. Winter was long. Summer was about 3 weeks. I worked a lot and didn’t get out of the house much except for 1 week for a vacation.

The vaca­tion was awesome.

With Sagriva
With Sagriva

But, too short.

I’ve read a few books, but not as many as I’d have liked. I haven’t really worked on my novel since, like, May. Almost 2 weeks ago I finally had the chance to type what I’d hand writ­ten. I’m almost to 50,000 words.

I’m just, stuck. And it’s been a busy sum­mer at work so I haven’t had the energy or con­cen­tra­tion to be able to puz­zle out a way to get unstuck.

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Organizing reading

I’ve had a sys­tem in place for keep­ing track of things that I want to read. Basically, I made a bunch of wish­lists on ama­zon with cat­e­gories. It’s worked for a while, but now that I’m start­ing to use my library more for try­ing out new types of books, it’s not work­ing as well. So, I’m try­ing goodreads, import­ing my ama­zon lists into the “to-​​read” shelf. Since my ama­zon lists don’t include books I already own, I’ll be adding my TBR book­shelf too.

I now have over 150 books on my ’”to-​​read” shelf, we’ll see how this works.

What sys­tem do you use?

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