Winter’s over

Finally!  This has been a long and drain­ing win­ter. 8 months of being sick, exhausted and per­pet­u­ally behind. But it’s finally done and the weather is start­ing to warm up. Soon we’ll be able to open win­dows and go outside.

I’m hop­ing to get some energy back. To fin­ish some projects and work on the novel. To start read­ing again. I’ve been in a slump but things are begin­ning to feel like I’m more on top of them with the extra sun­light. It doesn’t feel late at 4 pm anymore.

If only the nice weather lasted longer.

Spring is coming

Leaving work tonight I saw the first flow­ers of the sea­son. I didn’t take a pic­ture because they were pok­ing up from under a layer of dead grass and dirt.

As pretty as spring can become, early spring is in some ways a lot uglier than win­ter. Winter has snow to cover up the dirt every few days, but when it all starts melt­ing, all that dirt is still there and sud­denly the sides of the roads and yards look terrible.

There more sun­shine, and the tem­per­a­tures almost reach 50*F which makes me opti­mistic. I always start mak­ing grand plans in spring. I’m going to do so much.

I never actu­ally do, I work the same in spring as I do in win­ter, so noth­ing really changes. If any­thing, I have less time because the nicer weather is so short lived, that we try to get out­side to enjoy it as much as possible.

I use that as jus­ti­fi­ca­tion for leav­ing all except for the basic clean­ing until the win­ter. Of course, in win­ter, I jus­tify that it’s too cold and dark and dreary to do all but the basic of clean­ing. So, really I only clean what I have to. I’ll make more of an effort if peo­ple are com­ing over, but who really cares if my tow­els are folded or just left in a bas­ket until we use them? Besides, Hinata uses them to help jump up onto our unrea­son­ably tall bed (I have to jump into my bed, too).

I have been writ­ing though, a bit at a time, but I’m about halfway through chap­ter ten. I fixed a plot hole that I didn’t know was a plot hole, and I explained a magic related thing bet­ter than I’d had it fig­ured out in my head. As a crazy guess, I think I’m about halfway done now.

I can’t wait until we can open up the win­dows and get some fresh air in the house.

Fantasy writer and librarian.