Mind always changing

I tried writ­ing a new thing for NaNo. I kept with it for about a week, and then as is the norm lately, it fiz­zled. I like the idea, but I didn’t have a plan to fol­low, and the char­ac­ters were fun but they had noth­ing to “do”. And, my other char­ac­ters will not leave me alone.

Which is good, I guess. But, it doesn’t mean I’ve got­ten any­thing more done on that.

I only have so much men­tal energy in a day, and lately it’s been revolv­ing around Christmas presents.

Today I fin­ished my shopping! :dance:

Now I can write, right?

Not quite.

I am cur­rently exchang­ing chap­ters with a cri­tique part­ner :yay: and I owe her a response.

Then, I can write.

Still, maybe. :/

I’m in the revis­ing stages, so writ­ing right now means, going through the story (which is why the cri­tique part­ner comes at the best time!) and mak­ing notes on what to change.

And there are a lot of changes. :?

I’ve checked out a few books, to help me research my set­ting bet­ter. I need to read them still. :blush:


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The Bookclub

So, I got a crazy idea at work today. I’m stuck in revi­sions, I’m stuck with plan­ning book 2. I’m stuck, and I’m tired of being stuck.

I have lots of other ideas for sto­ries that I want to write. I have note­books and ran­dom bits of paper with a sen­tence, a para­graph, or sev­eral pages out­lin­ing ideas for sto­ries. I write them down, then for­get all about them. It’s in favor of writ­ing an entire series, which is pretty intri­cate and tak­ing a lot of men­tal energy. But … it’s been four years and while I’m not tired of my series, I still love it, I am tired of just writ­ing in the same world all the time. I want vari­ety. I want to work on one of my other ideas.

This one isn’t any of those.



I have no plan, not plot, no out­line. I just have three char­ac­ters and an open­ing scene. I don’t expect to make it to 50k, but I’m going to do some­thing. It’s time to start writ­ing again, even if it’s just a hand­ful of times a month.

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Status of the revisions

The month started out pretty well, but then life picked back up and I’ve had no time or energy again.

I have made it to chap­ter 9, of 14. Story-​​wise, it’s a lit­tle more than halfway.

So many lit­tle flags

I have a sys­tem, which I’m not sure how it’s going to work out. The pink tags are places where I need to either add or change, or think up some­thing related to the plot. The pur­ple ones are where more descrip­tion of some­thing is needed, green needs research into a topic, and yel­low are where a scene or more needs to be added.

The plan is to fin­ish tak­ing down all these notes, then put it away for a while. I want this to be the best story, because it’s the first book, and it needs to stand on its own. I don’t think it does that, and I don’t know that I’m ready to fig­ure out how to go about mak­ing it. I want each book to relate to all the oth­ers, for story threads to weave them­selves through all four, and so I think I’ll need at least a first draft of each of the four books before I can truly be fin­ished with any of them.

Especially hard since I have only a loose out­line for book 4, and I’d like to fore­shadow a lit­tle of it from book 1. I can’t do that if I’m not entirely sure what’s going to happen.

Slow progress is still progress though.

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