It’s not easy

I hate the phrase you see over and over in begin­ning help posts about fit­ness. It’s always some vari­a­tion of “it’s not hard, just do it.” It’s like every­one in the fit­ness blog­ging world works for Nike.

Well, it is hard. If it wasn’t, more peo­ple would run marathons on their Sundays.

You’re not sup­posed to make excuses, but really, some­times it’s just real­ity and facts. Sure, I could push myself to do more, to go out and run, or to lift weights, and maybe I’d even feel bet­ter after.

But start­ing is hard.

When your body is tired, worn out and just not up to any­thing, then it’s not just hard. It’s not just mental.

I may not be that over­weight, and I may not even be that out of shape. But I’m exhausted.

I’ve been sick since January for unre­lated rea­sons, and that has sapped every­thing from me. My energy, my spirit, any moti­va­tion I might have had.

It’s also made it really essen­tial that I start tak­ing bet­ter care of myself. I’ve cut back a lot on my sugar and processed foods con­sump­tion. I still need to work on pack­ing bet­ter lunches, but mostly I’ve just con­cen­trated on get­ting through a work day. My work days are long, and there are six of them all in a row with a day to play catch up on house­work before doing it all over again.

It’s not easy.

A few months ago, I started wear­ing a step counter. On my lazy at home days I aver­age about 8000 steps, on my busy work days I can eas­ily clear 14000 steps. That was just a base­line. With this sick­ness I’ve had, I’ve lost 5 – 7 pounds. Mostly from eat­ing smaller por­tions and giv­ing up a lot of sugar.

I don’t have a plan. I’m not going to say that I’ll get out to start walk­ing more, or that I’ll start using my tread­mill. Since I prob­a­bly won’t. Just like with eat­ing bet­ter, I’m only going to con­cen­trate my effort into mak­ing bet­ter choices as I face them.

Then we’ll see what hap­pens. Maybe when it’s nice out, I’ll decide to go for a walk one morn­ing. Maybe I’ll just stroll around the nearby park. Maybe I’ll enjoy that, and decide that on Thursday morn­ings I’ll start going for walks.

We’ll start with that in mind: no pres­sure, no dead­lines, no stress.

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