Room progress

Last week­end, I had an actual week­end! Two days off, in a row. It was amazing.

So, I cleaned my room. I now have actual space on my desk. There are no papers on the floor that the cat likes to lay on.

Hinata on star rug

She lays on the clean floor now.

There are actual files in my fil­ing cab­i­net — one of the draw­ers anyway.

I still have plenty to do. My book­cases need some help, I have two bro­ken chairs which are hold­ing blan­kets, and I’m using a din­ing chair as my com­puter chair. My desk, no mat­ter how much of it I uncover, is still too small.

But, it’s a whole lot more usable than it was before.

I can’t say the same about my laun­dry room.

ugly sink

Yuup. This is how we do laun­dry in a house built before laun­dry machines. With a space heater. So, since I had to get my hus­band to explain what was mak­ing my wash­ing machine not drain, this is what’s going on:

That lit­tle u-​​bendy white pipe is the drain for the big-​​olé cement sink. The black pipe is the direct line to the sewer/​drain out of the house. The yel­low insu­la­tion all around doesn’t actu­ally insu­late any­thing because that white pipe keeps freez­ing. Also, the big cement sink has a crack down the back side of it which is only patched halfway up. On a nor­mal day, that’s fine, because the sink will drain the water before it reaches the crack.

It hasn’t been a nor­mal win­ter. It’s been cold. So, with insu­la­tion that doesn’t do it’s job, and a cracked sink, the pipe freezes, so it won’t drain, so the sink backs up, and rises enough so that it starts leak­ing out the top and down the back of the insu­la­tion. The bucket is to catch the water, but under­neath it is just dirt so I’m not sure why we bother. Probably because the ground is frozen at one point and might leak onto the wood floor.

Fortunately, run­ning the space heater while the washer is going seems to have fixed the sink back­ing up issue. It’s rather annoy­ing though, since it’s the one we use in the bath­room so I have to keep bring­ing it up and down stairs. Not that we can shower while the washer’s going any­way, so it’s not like we need it in two places at once.

And, yes, we have the space heater in the bath­room because the heater that’s in there doesn’t work. At least there is a reg­is­ter in the bath­room, two of the bed­rooms don’t even have that.

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My room is a mess

In the gen­eral busy­ness that hap­pens as a result of the hol­i­days, my room became a dump­ing ground for every­thing else in the house that was out of place. As a result there are boxes, papers, and extra chairs in here so that I don’t even want to be in the space. I go through spurts of really clean­ing out and it always seems like no mat­ter how much I clean, it stays the same.

I’m not about to say I’m going to change any­thing. We don’t have the time or money to actu­ally do any­thing about it, but it does make me reflect on the space some and it’s use­ful­ness. It’s obvi­ously not serv­ing its pur­pose. I think that’s in part because it has to be so many things.

  • It houses my books. So, it’s a library, but with no place com­fort­able to sit in read. Somehow I’ve acquired 3 com­puter chairs, but they’re all bro­ken to some degree.
  • It’s where I pay the bills and keep track of all the paper­work. I have to clear off space in front of my key­board to write a check, and some­times have to hunt down where I last put the check­book. Luckily, it’s only a once a month occur­rence since the bulk of things are on auto­matic with­drawals, sav­ing me hav­ing to remem­ber to pay them.
  • I write in here. Well, wrote, in here, at some point. Mostly I write at work, but all my notes are in here, and my ref­er­ence books, and the com­puter where I type what I’ve writ­ten. I would write in here if I had a place to put my note­book down.
  • I have the sup­plies to craft in here, but no actual sur­face to craft on. I seem to be fol­low­ing a trend. I need a big­ger desk. And less stuff on it.
  • I also have a yoga mat, hand weights and blocks for doing fit­ness things, with the inten­tion of fol­low­ing videos on YouTube, but not floor space because of all the pre­vi­ously men­tioned boxes and papers. Also, time, but that’s not some­thing I can do any­thing about.
  • There are col­lec­tions of can­dles that I never light, and stuffed ani­mals that have sen­ti­men­tal value but no actual purpose.
  • I have a light table I bor­rowed from my Dad to cre­ate the map for my novel. I should just give it back.
  • There’s also a cat box, and bed, extra blan­kets from when we had com­pany over for the holidays.

My closet is fairly orga­nized still from the last time I fixed it up, so I’m not wor­ried about it. Although I should be. Just because the stuff is out of the way, doesn’t mean it’s needed.
I could get rid of a lot of stuff. I can eas­ily make that deci­sion for a lot of the paper that I really don’t need to save. I should do that, since it’s tak­ing over my desk.
The hard deci­sions, is what to do with my craft­ing sup­plies. A lot was bought with good inten­tions. I want to make the projects I’ve planned, but I know I don’t have time. I know that, even if I had time, that there are other things I want to do with that time. When throw­ing things away is not only waste­ful, bad for the envi­ron­ment, but it also costs $1 per bag that can only hold up to 10 pounds … that is why I hold on to things.

I’ve read blogs and arti­cles in books, which all give the same advice. To clear up a space you have to get rid of stuff, then decide what you want the room to be, and set up clear zones so that every­thing has a home. I get that, I agree with that, but … I fail at the actu­ally get­ting rid of stuff part.
So, maybe that’s my goal for this year? The goal I thought I wasn’t going to set. Get rid of stuff.

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Thoughts on the upcoming year

A lot of peo­ple have had pretty bad years for 2014. I’m not sure mine was bad, but I don’t remem­ber most of it. I worked a lot, and that’s kind of it.

I had an awe­some vaca­tion, and that’s lit­er­ally the high­light of my year, one week in June.

Preservation Station

Playing with tiger cubs, pet­ting wolves, shak­ing hands with an orang­utan, hold­ing a chim­panzee, feed­ing an ele­phant, pet­ting a bin­tur­ong, snug­gling up to a lynx cub, see­ing a chee­tah, an otter, ligers, and an eagle up close.

The rest of the year is kind of a blur. I’m sure we did things, saw peo­ple, but we mostly just worked. It was bet­ter than 2013, I know that. I’m more con­fi­dant in my jobs, and was able to do some new stuff. I think if things con­tinue the way they’ve been, than 2015 will be even better.

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